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Getting a Library Card

The Allerton Public Library District is a tax-supported public library. This means that people residing within Monticello Township pay taxes to support the library and are eligible to receive a library card. 

If you reside outside the jurisdictional boundaries of Allerton Public Library District, but own property within Monticello Township, each land owner may have one library card as taxes are paid to the library through the owned property.

Individuals who own property outside of Monticello Township and not within the boundaries of another public library may purchase a non-resident fee card according to the tax bill calculation method by presenting a tax bill and allowing the library staff to calculate the fee for their specific home.  This fee entitles the entire family to use the Allerton Public Library District and neighboring libraries.

Anyone wishing to register for a new library card must bring with them a driver’s license or photo ID and proof of address.

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